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Pop Up 2

Artists: Neil Dimelow and Jackie Mitchell
September 2010
5 Riverside Mews, 4 Commercial Street, Manchester M15 4RQ


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Neil Dimelow : Mahler in Manchester : Prints & Drawings

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Jackie Mitchell : Paintings & Drawings

Neil Dimelow draws the covers for the (very occasional) Manchester fanzine, Belle Vue. [You can buy Belle Vue over the bar in Briton’s Protection and Pevril of the Peak. The magazine is assembled by Matt the Bike, Joe Shaw and other Manchester enthusiasts. Editorial meetings generally take place in either of the above-mentioned pubs. Which is why it is bi-annual.]

Neil is a great music fan and a regular at Bridgewater Hall. He attended all the concerts in the Mahler In Manchester season in 2010. He translated each Mahler symphony into autobiographical drawings of his life in Manchester. You can see some of these images

When I first met Jackie Mitchell she was a background artist at legendary Chorlton Animation House, Cosgrove Hall. Since her early retirement, to live off the riches of her coke-snorting, womanising, rock and roll star husband Bruce Mitchell, she has taken a rather lovely double aspect space in Cow Lane Studios where she makes her big gestural abstract paintings. The other big aspect of Jackie’s work is her continuing, and exceptional life drawing.

Jackie had an exhibition with one of her fellow Cow Lane artists, Jack Quinn, in September 2012. You can read my review of it


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